Friday, May 1, 2009

So much to say...

ok, seriously, this here little bloggy blog has taken a BEATING in the neglect department. I have no real excuse other than I wanted to jazz the blogspot up a bit, make it new and fresh, but got entirely too frustrated in the task and gave up all together. That doesn't mean the blog never came to my just caused anxiety. :) So, with that, I will try to do better. totally taking responsibility here. however, if anyone knows of a great way to spruce this place up (mostly meaning banner part) that will not lead to me wanting to throw the computer out the window or cause severe abdominal cramping....give me a hollar!!

But just because I neglect the blog doesn not mean I neglect my, my friends, I have been creating with fury!! there is just something magical about creating for me....the whole process of making something beautiful out of a few simple items just leaves me breathless.

sewing. I {love} sewing. totally makes me happy. weird how this happened. never took a class, just asked mom for a few pointers and tips, along with some hand holding, but never looked back. handbags, aprons, skirts, outfits for Lexie....digging it all.
fabric is just as cool to me as paper at this point in my life....sometimes I get crazy and combine the two for a scrapbook page. speaking of my numero uno love, scrapbooking, I was asked to be Guest designer for Paper Posies in February.

They have a spectacular kit every month jam packed with the latest and greatest items. That was some serious fun!! I was also published on Scrap 'N Art Ezine for the jan/feb issue!! on top of the world, people!!

loads and loads of other stuff but I just wanted to stop in and "HELLO!" to my peeps...leave me some love so I know you were here :)until next time, gadget!!


Stacy said...

Well hello there stranger. Glad to know you are okay and didn't fall off the face of the earth :) The skirts are daaaaaarling.

joscelyne cutchens said...

congrats lady! :) and Glad to see you blogging! :) ps, i'm doing a giveaway on my blog today.

mandy said...

glad you are back!! as for sprucing up the blog go to