Thursday, March 27, 2008

HTML is for the BIRDS!!!

i having trying to spruce up my blog and make it really cool looking and a little more customized. somebody should have told me that I was going to need an IT degree to figure this junk out!! Seriously, I am lucky I can check my email, but trying to completely reconfigure a blog is quite tricky. But thankfully, there are some great tutorials out there. I used this one to help with the spacing of my blog & found it pretty helpful. so if you are really bored and feel like throwing your computer through a window, try to reconfigure a blog.

On a better note, here is a picture of a mini-album I just finished for a challenge at faith sisters. we had to make a mini-album using at least 80% Making Memories product. This was an easy one to do because I LOVE Making Memories!!!

The challenge is going on now, go check it out and you could win a great paint kit from Making Memories!! There are some very cute albums over over now & join our challenge!

It's a beautiful AZ day today and now I will run and play with my boy!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

What have I been doing??!!??

I also ask myself this question. I often think to myself, frequently, "I need to blog today". but alas, as you can see, nada for over a month! But here's the exciting part....I have a culmination of cool things to show exactly what I HAVE been doing. Thank goodness for pictures, so that I have proof of actually doing something besides going crazy!! :)

making handbags! this was kind of a first attempt bag....I didn't think this bag would ever come into existence, it took me over 3 weeks to finish because I needed my mom to hold my hand with every step! Now I have become totally obsessed with sewing and I bought all kinds of gorgeous fabric to make more handbags for myself, along with dresses for my daughter, skirts for myself, and whatever else I can create!! Now, I am no Mandy Newman, but I think I with practice, I can become a pretty OK seamstress. maybe?

Buying new shoes!!!Aren't these the cutest things you have ever seen?? They are Crocs and they are pink and make me feel so cute and happy!!

creating wall art!! i took an awesome class at my LSS & we made these gorgeous canvas wall art hangings. The really cool thing was that we were esseentially all given the very same tools, but not one canvas was similiar in any way!! That is exactly what I love about scrapbooking and crafting in general!! This is a bad pic but you get the jist.

Scrapbooking, of course!!! This has been in spurts because of my new love of sewing. But it is still my first love in crafting! totally love the way it turned out!

So there you go....I haven't been on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Oprah. Who has time for that when there is crafting to be done!!