Thursday, March 27, 2008

HTML is for the BIRDS!!!

i having trying to spruce up my blog and make it really cool looking and a little more customized. somebody should have told me that I was going to need an IT degree to figure this junk out!! Seriously, I am lucky I can check my email, but trying to completely reconfigure a blog is quite tricky. But thankfully, there are some great tutorials out there. I used this one to help with the spacing of my blog & found it pretty helpful. so if you are really bored and feel like throwing your computer through a window, try to reconfigure a blog.

On a better note, here is a picture of a mini-album I just finished for a challenge at faith sisters. we had to make a mini-album using at least 80% Making Memories product. This was an easy one to do because I LOVE Making Memories!!!

The challenge is going on now, go check it out and you could win a great paint kit from Making Memories!! There are some very cute albums over over now & join our challenge!

It's a beautiful AZ day today and now I will run and play with my boy!!


noel joy said...

yah!!! i'm so glad you got it working! your blog header looks great, and i love how you have it spaced out. i'm going to check out that tutorial right now!

Miss Onigur said...

Thanks for posting the addy for the tutorial. Finally, a place to go where you do not need a "Masters" in IT to create a Blog!
Thanks, Veronica

Stacy said...

Hey girly. Like your new look.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! I've actually been wanting to widen my blog and couldn't figure out how :)

Digging for Pearls said...

If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!