Friday, September 19, 2008


July 29th!!!?????!!! seriously, I haven't been here since then??? What in the world?? Wow, this job thing has really taken a chunk out of my life!!

Since July 29 I have:

-started working part-time at the preschool that my boys attend (2 days a week) as a teacher's assistant in a three year old classroom.

-traveled to San Carlos (Mexico) & Washington D.C.

-sent all three of my children to school

-celebrated the 8th year of marriage to my amazing & wonderful husband, Chris

-taken an awesome scrapbook class at my LSS from the amazing Layle Koncar

-had my name published in the October CK mag as one of the 10 standout readers whose pages caught the eyes of the folks at CK!! HELLO?!!! (So very psyched about this!)

-sewed the cutest darn bag you ever did see

This is the Birdie Sling pattern from Amy Butler. Love it...want to make one in every fabric possible!! This bag holds everything!! It was so much crisper and prettier when it was first completed. Since then I dropped half a cup of coffee all over the outside & had to wash it three times to get it clean!

-finally started my book from our anniversary trip to San Francisco last year! (just before this years trip!)

And now I am getting ready to go on another retreat next weekend sponsored by my LSS. Good times!! So there you have it, readers! Rest assured, I am indeed alive and well, just very busy. I must make a point to be bloggy more. Until next time scrappers!

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Stacy said...

Hey girl. Been wondering where you were. The bag is awesome. Love the material you picked. Haven't got the Oct CK yet but will look for you when I do. Congrats; that is really fantastic!