Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Normal

Bryson is not the kid who wants to be taking part in my "paparazzi" schemes everyday. Not even for the sake of his own scrapbook. most of the pictures I can catch of him these days are pretty random and there is often a frown or a goofy smile while his eyes are rolled to the back of his head. I came across some pictures that I took while trying to do a photo shoot for Valentine's Day cards. I couldn't get all three in one frame, Lexie is a willing participant, and Bryson is being his uncooperative self. This is the layout I made in honor of my son and his despise for my Nikon D40. Still cute as can be!

Here is a tribute to Lexie and her love for the camera & an example of her (usually) compliant spirit! I played with the new Prima crystal flourishes....LOVE THEM!!! Must have more, in every color!! Because bling is just like clothes...if it works & fits great, then buy it in EVERY color available!


shaina said...

Very nice layout and pictures! I love the swirly bling.

Stacy said...

Hey lady! Great LOs. I'm wanting a new Nikon so bad but it is outside and looks a lot like a pipe fence, LOL! It hasn't stopped me from hinting around though.

inara said...

cute layouts!