Monday, June 2, 2008

Admitting is the first step...

ok, I'll say it. I have a problem. Big problem. this is the problem.

I have bags of scrapbook stuff that I have purchased and then totally forget about them. However, it is totally like a treasure hunt once I rediscover all my cool loot. this is exactly what happened while preparing for my scrapbook retreat this past weekend. But then because I had all this really awesome stuff to create with, I couldn't NOT take it all with me! i mean, what if I needed that ONE chipboard flower and left it home!!! so I took WAY TOO MUCH!! Didn't even come close to touching everything I brought. Which is why I had all this to carry in to the hotel and to my scrapping space.

Thankfully, I had preplanned some pages in advance so I could get my creating on! It was an awesome weekend of scrapbooking, laughing, watching movies, talking, scrapping, laughing,eating, and some more scrapping and laughing. One of my completed pages even won a contest!! everybody at the retreat got to vote for their favorite layouts & i won one of the times!!

These are the moments that make my paper addiction all the worthwhile! and heck, it is WAAAYYY cheaper than a drug addiction, right? ;)

I will post all my cool pages and projects tomorrow. just wanted to say hi to the two of you who read my blog! hehehe!

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inara said...

very cool stash, I'm drooling...glad you had fun on your weekend and way to go winning the contest!