Monday, July 14, 2008

Lipstick, layouts, and lellow sunglasses!

Wow!! Been way too long since my last post....bad, Ericka, bad!! But that is what happens when you have to get a family of 5 ready for a week long trip, take the trip, and recover from the trip.

Just a quick reminder...go and VOTE for my gal pal Christiana so she can have her chance at fame in the cosmetic world!! She needs to be in the Top 3 for a shot at the Grand prize!! please vote!!!

I have been scrapping and here are a couple of my new fave layouts!!

A layout about me after I lost some weight....I won't tell you how much has come back. But I will say that I am on a mission to send it on its merry little way again!

Bryson & Chris when Bryson was only 2! He seems so little! oh, how I love my boys!

And finally, I joined the shades of summer traveling game with Lizzy Kartchner and there was a little box with these nifty "lellow" (as Cooper says) shades waiting for me when I got home! So I took my pic with them on and will send the glasses and the pic to the next person on the list. Lizzy will have a mini album of a bunch of totally awesome women from all over the country when we are done!! Lexie had to get in on the action too!! My goofy girl!
So there you have it, people. This is what I have been doing & what you are missing out on! ;) see you sooner than later, I promise!!


joscelyne cutchens said...

super cute girl! you look great in the black dress and the lellow sunglasses! I'm waiting for the glasses to come my way too! :)

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Love love,
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chksngr said...

Awesome glasses! Awesome layouts! I love to watch how other people look GREAT in those pics, but just as great in the sunglasses shot!

mandy said...

your pages always inspire me to scrap more!!

Stacy said...

Your LOs look awesome. You look great in the black dress!