Friday, January 18, 2008

busy, busy

that about describes my week this week. Not a whole lot of creating going on-but there is some! C'mon people, you know me!!My projects have been coming along, slowly but steadily. Not sure how much I want to post just yet because I am STILL trying to decide whether to enter CK's Hall of Fame or not. The deadline is the 11th of February!! i should probably decide for sure pretty soon :s

I have really just tried to be wife, mom, & friend this week. No other distractions or committments. It has been really nice to not be focused on things that "must get done" but really don't matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. I have enjoyed snuggling next to Chris on the couch and watching a little TV at night once the kids have gone to bed. We don't do that very often. Need to do that more.

Here's a funny to leave you wiht:

Cooper is crying and we can't figure out what he wants. Chris grabs a box that has packages of cookies and crackers from Costco. Cooper looks at it & his eyes completely light up & he says, "WOW"!!! It was too funny. How I wish I could often have that enthusiasm with everything in life!! :)


dr said...

Hey girlie!!
Long time no see. Caught from "M's" blog. I say go for the HOF! And I do get that excited about cookies sometimes. hee hee

inara said...

I get that excited once in awhile, about mashed potatoes and gravy, and haagen dazs ice cream...glad you have your priorities straight though!!! Good for you!

Samantha said...

I know how busy life can get!! I hope you get scrappy soon :)

Julie said...

so have you decided yet. I think you should go for it! I just stopped in to check out your blog and say hi!

~Julie from Scrapdango

Pamela said...

started blog hopping...and got to yours, don't even know who's it was from. :) Anyways, I say go for HOF but HOLY COW make the decision soon. :) (I'm a last minute girl myself) But if one of the gals could put together her SOY portfolio in two weeks, I am sure you could do the same for HOF. :)