Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

Isn't it always the case that we look back at resolution from the new years past & think "if I would have stuck that out, that would have been great!"

Not me my friends.....I don't really set up high and lofty goals for myself. No, I am not an underachiever. I just like to see where life leads, if you will.

However, I think I will change that a bit this year. I am making a few goals (not record setting in way, mind you!) to keep myself accountable my desires. So here a few that I am setting down in black & white for all the world to see:

1. get to weight loss goal of 15 lbs by feb 1. (already lost 12.6, put on a couple over the past 2 weeks, yuck!)

2. submit my pages and projects to more contests & hopefully get one page published.

3. be more deligent in my time with God (seeing as how this is #3, you can see my priorities are messed up!)

4. journal more to remember the little things of everyday (a la Ali Edwards!)

there you have it folks, my 2008 goals & aspirations! Please share some of yours w/ me!

I pray that you all have a wonderful New Years w/ blessings abound!


Samantha said...

Happy new year!! I'm not one for resolutions myself, either. Good luck with yours - I'm sure you'll accomplish them all!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Hello friend! I finally got all my goals down on a layout, thanks to the CK contest from Elizabeth.

mandy said...

hey there unfriendly driver or deaf driver!! i honked at you 3 times yesterday and you ignored my attempts to grace you with my hello. and i know for sure it was you...i could see your face!
happy new year to you too!! when do you want to go get coffee?