Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who loves makeup??

I certainly do....especially after becoming one of those snooty "makeup girls" at a department store. I loved that job! There is so much to say about the power of being able to help someone feel beautiful & look stunning!! I didn't love all the un-fun "sales quotas" & such or the sharkiness by the makeup divas from the "other" lines. But how I LOVE makeup. Totally one of the best things about being a girl!!

I have a friend from the makeup days who is competing for her chance to become "the smashbox beauty guru". She has amazing ideas for makeup products and she has her campaign here. But she needs votes to win this thing. So please vote for the talented Miss Christiana!! These pics you see are her creations!! I'm tellin' you, the girl is tops & has ambition.

Here is the Grand Prize: One winner, chosen by the Smashbox and Sephora panel from the top three entries that receive the highest vote score during Round 2 voting will be named the Smashbox Beauty Guru and receive $5,000 of Smashbox Cosmetics, an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Los Angeles on August 3, 2008 for a 1 week apprenticeship at Smashbox Cosmetics to design the official Smashbox Fashion Week Makeup Palette and an all-expenses-paid 3-day trip for two to Los Angeles to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in March 2009 for the debut of their Smashbox palette. In addition, the Smashbox Fashion Week Makeup Palette designed by the winner will be produced by Smashbox, sold exclusively at Sephora and featured in the Sephora catalog.

So help a sistah out and VOTE!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me Likey Cosmo Cricket

A little bit of new Cosmo Cricket & a little bit of older Cosmo Cricket, no matter the date, it's timeless!! I really love how the newer lines are totally "boyish"!! Perfect for pictures of little dudes in their Buzz Lightyear PJs. And the BLACKBOARD?? LOOOOOVVVEEE it!! I am currently working on a blackboard book and hope to get it finished ASAP!! will keep you until then, scrappers, scrap ON!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friendship Day

Bryson has been coming up with all kinds of great scrap material for me lately. This kid just knows how to make me laugh. Besides his infinite LOVE for all things ORANGE, he was very concerned last week that a bear with muddy feet was going to come into his bed and get his "Lightning McQueen" sheets all "muddy". Where that came from, not sure. There is isn't a big bear threat here in the desert....with or without muddy "feet".

Yesterday, Bryson proclaimed that it was "Friendship Day". When I asked him what "Friendship Day" was he said we had to treat everyone just like a friend and be kind! Sounds like a great motto to have everyday. As the "Friendship Day" progressed, Bryson said "I have a great idea! Let's make popcorn and watch Tom and Jerry and snuggle on the couch!" That did, indeed, sound like a great idea to spend some time with him while Lexie was at sports camp and Cooper napped. Of course, I started dozing off. Bryson exclaimed, "You can't sleep!! It's "No Sleeping Day!! So I mentioned that I thought it was "Friendship Day"...he quickly acknowledged that it was, in fact, " friendship day". However, it was also " sharing day" and definitely a "no Sleeping day". There went my nap!
So here's to "Friendship Day, Sharing Day, No Sleeping Day, Loving Orange Day, Rockstar Hair Day, and Funny kids" Day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Normal

Bryson is not the kid who wants to be taking part in my "paparazzi" schemes everyday. Not even for the sake of his own scrapbook. most of the pictures I can catch of him these days are pretty random and there is often a frown or a goofy smile while his eyes are rolled to the back of his head. I came across some pictures that I took while trying to do a photo shoot for Valentine's Day cards. I couldn't get all three in one frame, Lexie is a willing participant, and Bryson is being his uncooperative self. This is the layout I made in honor of my son and his despise for my Nikon D40. Still cute as can be!

Here is a tribute to Lexie and her love for the camera & an example of her (usually) compliant spirit! I played with the new Prima crystal flourishes....LOVE THEM!!! Must have more, in every color!! Because bling is just like clothes...if it works & fits great, then buy it in EVERY color available!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

better late than never

do you all remember that video class that Erin Lincoln had over at CK? Yeah, you know, the one that took place around NSD?? Yes, THAT one!! Well, after a month, some tweaking of my own, and a scrapbook retreat this past is now COMPLETE!!! I love this little book & everybody else that has seen has loved it so far. It is the perfect way to do a clever little book about the past, present, & future. I did a "him, her, & us" theme. This last picure are the "loved" pages. Repectively, they are "he loved, she loved, we love". thanks Erin for a great little project.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Admitting is the first step...

ok, I'll say it. I have a problem. Big problem. this is the problem.

I have bags of scrapbook stuff that I have purchased and then totally forget about them. However, it is totally like a treasure hunt once I rediscover all my cool loot. this is exactly what happened while preparing for my scrapbook retreat this past weekend. But then because I had all this really awesome stuff to create with, I couldn't NOT take it all with me! i mean, what if I needed that ONE chipboard flower and left it home!!! so I took WAY TOO MUCH!! Didn't even come close to touching everything I brought. Which is why I had all this to carry in to the hotel and to my scrapping space.

Thankfully, I had preplanned some pages in advance so I could get my creating on! It was an awesome weekend of scrapbooking, laughing, watching movies, talking, scrapping, laughing,eating, and some more scrapping and laughing. One of my completed pages even won a contest!! everybody at the retreat got to vote for their favorite layouts & i won one of the times!!

These are the moments that make my paper addiction all the worthwhile! and heck, it is WAAAYYY cheaper than a drug addiction, right? ;)

I will post all my cool pages and projects tomorrow. just wanted to say hi to the two of you who read my blog! hehehe!